Top NCAA Football Handicappers

Service Units
Ben Burns +920.0
Jimmy Boyd +750.0
Scott Rickenbach +693.0
Tony Karpinski +658.0
Art Aronson +622.0
Jeff Alexander +555.0
Ross Benjamin +491.0
Kyle Hunter +477.0
Brandon Lee +441.0
Jack Jones +432.0

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College Football Picks

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Off a MASSIVE WEEKEND, Ben Burns is chomping at the bit to get going with the new football week. If you liked USF over Temple last Thursday, you're going to LOVE this week's MAIN EVENT, featuring Texas and Iowa State. Don't wait. Hit it right NOW!


Burns is off a HUGE WEEKEND and he's ready to do it again. First, he fires with his GAME OF THE MONTH. It goes Friday and its an ABSOLUTE "MUST PLAY." Do the right thing. Get down right NOW!


Off a MASSIVE WEEKEND OF WINNING, Ben Burns serves up his latest BREAKFAST CLUB, a game which has all the makings of a MONUMENTAL B-E-A-T-D-O-W-N. As per usual, this one kicks off BRIGHT AND EARLY. Dont' get caught sleeping in!

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