Top NCAA Football Handicappers

Service Units
Dennis Macklin +1026.0
Steve Merril +805.0
Chip Chirimbes +754.0
Pure Lock +676.0
Jimmy Boyd +632.0
Jeff Allen +427.0
Carolina Sports +243.0
Doc's Sports +167.0
Tony Stoffo +90.0
Tony Karpinski +59.0

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College Football Odds


College Football betting can be very rewarding if you get the best possible college football odds to wager on. The NCAA football lines change on a daily basis as injury reports are released to the media. Another reason for the college football odds to change is the number of people of betting on a team. This will move the NCAA point spreads against a public favored team because the sportbooks want 50% of the betting public on each side. Since the College Football Odds move it will make people grab the line on the opposite team because it is now less appealing to bet on the publicly favored team.

An example of this would be if 80% of the population is wagering the college football odds on the Texas Longhorns -3 against Texas Tech then the odds makers would move that line to -3.5 or higher to get people taking the points with Texas Tech instead of Texas. This is almost always because the sports books want 50% of bettors on Team A and 50% of bettors on Team B because they make the juice. The juice is normally 10% as you see the odds normally -110. This means that you have to risk $110 on Team A to win $100.
The current college football odds are listed below so you can choose the best NCAA football odds for the team you want to wager on.

Remember these college football betting odds will change during the day especially right before game time as the action comes in on both teams. It is always a good idea to bet the "public team" as soon as the lines come out because the public will drive the NCAA Football lines and Odds higher. Now if you are choosing to bet a team that the public is not wagering heavy on then you should wait until near game time to place your wager as you will almost always get the best college football odds.