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Live Super Bowl Odds

Posted by hotcappers

One of the best ways to get involved with betting on Super Bowl XLIX will be live Super Bowl odds. With live odds, you’ll have a continuously updated, changing selection of odds you can utilize over the course of the game from start to finish. This creates a fun new way to place your bets, while potentially allowing you to capitalize on some very rare opportunities.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

The way that live odds work is pretty simple. Before the game starts, you have your set odds on who’s going to win the game. In the days and weeks leading up to game time, that line is going to be shifting and moving around depending on who’s playing their bets where. Right now, the Patriots are 1 point dogs against the Seahawks, but that’s already moved back and forth a bit. Once the game starts, that betting line closes for good.

What now opens up in its place with the power of the internet and live updated betting odds, is a continually moving set of odds based on what’s happening in the game. Depending on where you’re betting, you can either bet at the end of each quarter, or literally you’ll be able to bet at any given moment of the game from start to finish.

So, imagine the Patriots storm off to an early 10 point lead. Suddenly, their chances of winning the game are far improved than they were at the very start. They’ll be much larger favorites to win from that point forward. Of course, that creates a huge swing for the underdog in which you could potentially score a huge win on, if you have faith that a certain team is going to come back.

For example, consider that huge comeback win for the Seahawks over the Packers in the NFC Championship game. If you were betting live on that game, you would have had some absolutely amazing odds available to you when they were down 16-0 at halftime, and even better when it was 19-7 with just a few minutes left on the clock. If you took a flyer on the comeback at that point in time, you would have cashed out in a major way!

That’s what live Super Bowl odds are all about. It’s really a fun and unique way to get involved with the game. And with a shifting odds for the point spread and the over/under as well, even if the game seems like a blowout, you can still keep things interesting by putting your money down on those changing odds. Plus, it creates that opportunity for a potential huge score and a major win when you take advantage of an early swing in momentum and then bet big on the team down to pull out the comeback.

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