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Service Units
Dennis Macklin +1026.0
Steve Merril +805.0
Chip Chirimbes +754.0
Pure Lock +676.0
Jimmy Boyd +632.0
Jeff Allen +427.0
Carolina Sports +243.0
Doc's Sports +167.0
Tony Stoffo +90.0
Tony Karpinski +59.0

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Super Bowl Betting

Posted by hotcappers

Super Bowl betting is as big of a national pastime as the game itself is. As hundreds of millions of Americans tune into the big game with family and friends, billions of dollars will be floating around with the game on the line. There’s a huge number of ways to get in on the action, and there’s something for everyone and every type of interest.

Super Bowl Betting Online

When you bet on the Super Bowl, you can take part in any facet of the game. What are you most confident in, or what are you most interested in? For instance, you can obviously bet on the game itself, who wins, and by how many points. Do they cover the point spread, and does the game stay over or under the set line?

From there though, you can find some very intriguing and potentially high-paying betting opportunities. For example, bet on who you think the MVP is going to be. Here, you get great value at +1,000, +2,000 or even higher for some smart, savvy picks.

For instance, if you think Seattle is going to win the game, then you think their defense is going to have a great game. That means picking a big name defender to win the MVP is a wise move, and a great value. Don’t forget that Seattle had a defensive MVP in last year’s Super Bowl win, too. You can get someone like Kam Chancellor or Richard Sherman to pay off in a huge way.

Don’t forget that Super Bowl betting extends back well before the days of the internet and the near unlimited range of online Super Bowl betting options. Cue the “back in my day” speech with the talk of how office betting pools and picks were all the rage a few decades ago. You can still take part in those too, whether it’s with colleagues or friends, or you can setup private online picking groups to keep track of things a bit easier while keeping that more old school tradition alive.

Of course, you don’t even need to care about football or the winner of the Super Bowl to get involved with some betting on the game. Just like you don’t need to care in order to watch, because of the commercials and the fact that the Super Bowl is a national holiday of sorts. For instance, you can find some truly outrageous prop bets for the Super Bowl.

This includes things like how long the national anthem takes to be sung, and how many times the announcers say certain words, or mention certain facts. Which coaches, owners and wives get shown the most on the broadcast? Imagine any type of silly event not having to do with the game, and there will be a bet for it!

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