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Mike Tirico Scandal: The Elephant in the Booth

Posted by Jimmy Edwards


Mike Tirico Scandal: The Elephant in the Booth

The Brett Favre scandal just gained the momentum of a freight train. According to various sources, one of tonight’s booth analyst for NFL’s Monday Night Football was once accused of sexual harassment. If that’s the case, then the Meadowlands should get good and steamy by game time tonight. It seems that the big news tonight will be that of a Mike Tirico scandal in years gone by.

Tonight as the NFL hits the airwaves for the Vikings visit to the Jets house, people are talking about Brett Favre and his horrible texting habits instead of Brett Favre and his new receiver Randy Moss. Adding fuel to the fire is this sexual harassment story from 2000. Apparently, Mike Freeman reported the story in 2000 in the ESPN: An Uncensored History. It’s no secret that folks are going to be talking about Brett Favre’s troubles. Moreover, many are anxious to see how the Mike Tirico scandal plays out alongside Favre’s story.

The bottom line is that just ignoring the stories won’t make them go away. Anyone, even an NFL analyst, can be the subject of these stories, however, back in 2000, the NFL commissioner wasn’t handing out punishment for such acts. Furthermore, the NFL can hardly hand out punishments for someone outside of their realm of jurisdiction. Game time tonight is 8:30 pm ET but you might want to tune in early to get the most exciting story of the night.

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