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Dez Bryant Dinner

Posted by Jimmy Edwards


Dez Bryant Dinner

Etiquette is a funny thing it seems when you talk about sports and professional athletes. One of the most well known facts in the NFL surrounds the rookies in training camp who are made to do things for the veteran players just in the name of initiation. However, not all rookies are willing to play the game. If you were to see the Dez Bryant dinner bill that rang up to $55,000, you probably figure he would have been better off just carrying the veteran players pads during training camp.

Instead of taking part in the process of rookie to veteran servitude, Bryant offered to feed the team. Apparently, the rules of etiquette require that we simply comply in some areas and this includes rookies doing odd jobs for veterans in the NFL. However, since he chose not to comply, his teammates obviously lost sight of the rules of being someone’s guest at dinner. The team headed out for the Dez Bryant dinner that was offered up as a compromise for not following the rules in training camp.

When the night was done and the tab delivered to Bryant, the tally of $55,000 seems plain ridiculous. That number breaks down to approximately $1,000 per player. Indeed, it would have been cheaper to just carry the veterans pads during training camp but it would also have been respectful if his teammates had not taken advantage of him. Unfortunately, the Dez Bryant dinner managed to get out of hand leaving fans to wonder exactly what these guys were trying to prove.

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